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Kaoxa Camp Summer Update 2019

Cottages and dining room from koppie

Summer is with us with a vengeance. The convectional storms are electrically spectacular but mostly unrewarding as far as promise goes. We get the proper rain from the ITCZ which is the weather system that influences major change from the Equator to the Tropic of Capricorn. The veld is rejuvenated, and within days of a good soak, one’s eyes are dazzled by the bright yellow carpet of Dubbletjie thorns that emerge. The season’s first Impala lambs are now a month old and as gangly as they look, can run as fast as their mothers. The carnivores are also cashing in on the bounty of all the newborn.

We have seen both the spotted and brown hyaena. The leopards are leaving evidence of carcasses in the taller trees.

Our trails cameras have recorded fabulous shots of Honey Badgers, civet, African Wild Cat, and various leopards all taking advantage of the borehole water. The ellies are using more than their fair share by spraying themselves and each other during the day time. Temperatures measured up to 49 degrees Celsius, so they must be excused for some of their excesses!

The antelope on the farm have had a bounteous year and we have seen increased numbers of all species.

On a negative note, we have removed a number of wire snares found on trails and we saw an impala that had a snare around his abdomen.

We do our best to patrol, but bushmeat is a big item in Africa, so vigilance is needed all the time.

The sunsets are as spectacular as ever with all the dust and bush haze delivering colours that look surreal every night.

Come and immerse yourself in a wild corner of Africa and experience tranquillity away from the rush of everyday humdrum existence.

We always urge people walking on the farm to take great care against surprising elephant and getting into dangerous situations.

Birdlife is never quiet, but the migrants are coming back in droves and the chortle of the European and Carmine bee-eaters is a true summer soundbite.

The subtleties of seasonal change in the bush are easy to miss if one is unobservant, but certainly not to any resident.

Open your eyes to the summer palette, cock your ears to the hum of bees, dung beetles and cicadas, and take a deep breath of the dusty smell of summer in Africa.

Immerse yourself in Nature… and Enjoy!

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