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Thoughts on the Seasons in Limpopo

Summary: The seasons in the Limpopo valley seem to seamlessly merge into one another. The actual starting gun are the first showers. The clouds usually threaten for some weeks before delivering their bounty. The vegetation, especially the mopanes, have been…
Cottages and dining room from koppie

Kaoxa Camp Summer Update 2019

Summary: Summer is with us with a vengeance. The convectional storms are electrically spectacular but mostly unrewarding as far as promise goes. We get the proper rain from the ITCZ which is the weather system that influences major change from…

Farmhouse: Now on Airbnb!

Summary: Now available on Airbnb! We’ve recently partnered with Airbnb to allow more people to come and enjoy our farmhouse. The bookings are managed separately to the main site but we can still help you get booked in if you’d…

2023 Kaoxa Bush Camp