IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are not being affected by power cuts, other that when the technicians are working on the line, which is not very often!

Shocking Thunderstorms and Summer Heat

Well, Summer is truly sending its hearty message. Spectacular electrical thunderstorms interspersed with blisteringly hot days. 

It’s no wonder the vegetation is rampant, and the Silky Bushman Grass going through its third generation in this season! The mopanes, always taking a beating from the ever-present ellies are defiantly putting out new growth all the time, despite their ceaseless utilization. It really is a question of strength in numbers!

The leopard activity has risen and there are nomadic lions that traverse our space. A poached elephant carcass drew in a lioness who, I’m sure will be an attraction for the two magnificent males we saw on our last visit.

The sounds of the spotted hyenas at night signal a healthy predator chain, and the presence of a whole family of honey badgers is good news indeed. We have only managed to see these fantastic creatures on our trail cameras at the watering point. They are very sensitive to habitat destruction, and so their presence indicates a healthy environment.

Poaching has unfortunately become a bit of an issue, but SANParks are helping with patrols and their presence.

As usual, if you do visit us, enjoy walking in this unspoilt paradise (very seldom do you get this opportunity), but take due care and stay safe.

2024 Kaoxa Bush Camp