Cottages and dining room from koppie

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Spring Has Arrived!

Cottages and dining room from koppie

Spring is here, and the bush is slowly emerging from its winter torpor. The dryness rather than the cold is the factor putting the brake on the plants’ growth.

The Mopanes are waiting with leaves folded like origami packages to feel the first raindrops, and then the bush magically transforms in a heartbeat.

The Impala ewes are carrying their lambs and will drop them in late November or December depending upon suitable grazing conditions. They are capable of delayed birthing which is most unusual in the animal kingdom.

The ellies are roaming as usual and utilising browse and grazing, but eagerly awaiting the rich grasses that sprout after the first summer rains.

We always urge people walking on the farm to take great care against surprising elephant and getting into dangerous situations.

The leopards eat a lot of dassies in winter, but prey more on the antelope young in the lambing season.

Birdlife is never quiet, but the migrants are coming back in droves and the chortle of the European and Carmine bee-eaters is a true summer soundbite.

The subtleties of seasonal change in the bush are easy to miss if one is unobservant, but certainly not to any resident.

Open your eyes to the summer palette, cock your ears to the hum of bees, dung beetles and cicadas, and take a deep breath of the dusty smell of summer in Africa.

Immerse yourself in Nature…..and Enjoy!