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We had about 100 elephants around the camp yesterday, they were making a tremendous noise! It was amazing!

Cottages and dining room from koppieAugust is a beautiful month, cool mornings, warm sunny days, vibrant blue skies, very few insects to annoy you at night!

The perfect time to visit Kaoxa!

Just as the grass dries and gets sparse, so the grazing pressure increases and as a result we have left 100m section of our perimeter fence down as the  elephants move from one side of the road to the other. The paths they have chosen are probably deeply rooted in their DNA from previous generations.

We always urge people walking on the farm to take great care against surprising elephant and getting into dangerous situations.


We also have 2 itinerant lions moving on and off the property on a regular basis.  They communicate with their Botswana cousins and can be heard calling on most nights.

Recently on a visit into Mapungubwe Park we came upon a gorgeous pride of about 6 lions, with in meters of our car in full view  of the ‘main entrance gate’, obviously used to the attentive public and lying in various reposes while we took photos of them, enjoying  the last rays of the afternoon sunshine.

On these cooler evenings there is nothing better than sitting back with your evening ‘tipple’ under one of the majestic Baobab trees as the sun dips below the horizon.

If you are lucky you can enjoy  watching the elephants at the water hole – a favourite place for them or at the small dam after your walk to the ‘Rock Art Shelter.’

On one of our family walks  recently, we saw eleven mammalian species, which by any standard is phenomenal.

Our son Luke also Giraffefound some more, very well preserved San Rock Art  paintings.

We urge you to come and experience this wild and ever-changing paradise!

* Koppie – Rocky Hills

* Mopane trees are the most common trees found in the area.